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Commercial Products

Designing a commercial growing operation or looking for a one-stop professional supplier for a large indoor growing facility? The Indoor Gardener Commercial Services can assist with your equipment & supply needs through every phase of your operation. We have years of experience serving professionals in the horticultural industry and a vast network of suppliers that allows us to provide top-tier competitive pricing. With expert knowledge of growing systems and techniques, our Master Growers provide a level of service that is truly unique to our industry. Whether you just need to set up an ordering schedule for fertilizers and other consumables, or if you need assistance planning from the ground up, our experienced team can quickly answer your questions and provide solutions that will save you time and money. From savings to service, The Indoor Gardener has you covered. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you!

Medical Grower Resources

Many states have adopted medical marijuana laws allowing commercial indoor marijuana growing for medical use. While all sanctioned indoor cannabis growing facilities are subject to strict guidelines, there are still many options when it comes to plant genetics and growing method. With extensive experience operating in multiple states across the US that have adopted medical marijuana laws, The Indoor Gardener can help you find the right solutions for your facility. Commercial cannabis production demands a higher level of technology than standard horticultural operations, and knowing how to maintain optimal conditions based on specific plant genetics can make a big difference in end-product volume. The Indoor Gardener offers all of the latest in cutting edge growing technology that will deliver increased production and overall profit for medical marijuana growers including automation and logging systems for data-driven operations. Please contact us or visit our stores for more information about what The Indoor Gardener can do for you.