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What sets us apart from other indoor gardening stores....... At The Indoor Gardener we have over 15 years experience of hands on gardening. Indoor gardening is actually not the hardest thing in the world to do, but there are certain techniques and mistakes you can make that will make all the difference when it comes to a healthy, lush, and productive harvest.

Many indoor gardening stores will try and sell you everything they can within their walls implying that the more stuff you give your plants the better they will do. Sales are important to us don't get me wrong, we all have to eat, but at The Indoor Gardener our first priority is for you to have a successful harvest.

Selling you a bunch of stuff you don't necessarily need for us to make a quick buck is not what we are about.

We hope to keep you as a customer and actually keep your plants alive. This is not to say there aren't additives and certain things you can give to your plants to increase flavor, size, and quality, but often times I find people are sold products that have no benefit when used together or have devastating results from over feeding. I find this to be mostly true for people new to indoor gardening, it seems the last thing you want to do at some stores is ask if you should use a product because it seems they will say yes even if it will be too much for your plants. Trust me I have been one of their victims in the past.

I have found it is better to start someone new to indoor gardening on just a basic feed schedule, one nutrient for the vegetative stage and one nutrient for the flower stage. You can get some pretty good results from just using one or two bottles of nutrients.

As you get used to how your plants react to what you feed them, then it is easier to add some boosters to your feeding regiment to see if it makes your next harvest any better. Whether you intend to build a big gardening room or a small one, we can help you maximize your results and even help you plan your room no matter what size based on the budget you have in mind. During my stay in California we built a 2,500 square foot room from the ground up including the building, as well as consulted on dozens of others.

Bring in your room dimensions and let us help you design the most efficient way to set up your room without paying us a dime for the consultation. In my 14 years of gardening experience, I have pretty much made every mistake you can make when indoor gardening, it is through that learning process, I really feel I can help you to avoid those mistakes. I have also had many successes which in turn can be your successful indoor gardening experience. Our advice is always free of charge, you don't have to come in and buy something for us to help you with a problem or to give you a suggestion in how to do better.

Your success is our success. We hope you will visit us!